Animal & Wildlife Removal Services in St Catharines, Niagara falls, Welland and Grimsby

Niagara Extermination provides effective and professional wildlife removal and control services to both residential and commercial settings in St Catharines, Niagara falls, Welland and Grimsby. Whether it's eliminating skunk or raccoon from your foundation, or managing a squirrel infestation, our adroit technicians will perform every wildlife removal task with precision. Our wildlife management team has the right solutions and equipments required to deal with these stubborn animals.

Niagara Extermination is a 'Green Animal Control & Removal Company' which means we capture and relocate the animals in a safe and humane manner. The animals captured from residential and commercial settings are released back into the wild where they belong. Our experts understand that these animals play a vital role in our ecosystem function and biodiversity. Which is why, we never think of killing them.

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Our Strategy To Deal With Skunks, Squirrels & Raccoons

  • Our professionals will inspect your place to identify the entry points used by a skunk, squirrel or raccoon. Generally, the wildlife animals or pests gain entry through holes/vents present in the house.

  • We will reach their hideouts by locating their poop droppings or urine. These things help us to reach them and deal with them much more easily.

  • Next, our professionals will set up a trap with baits around the possible hideouts to catch the skunk, raccoon or squirrel alive.

  • After trapping the animal, our team will relocate them far away from your property. We never kill the animals rather relocate them safely.

  • At the end, the entire infested area is sanitized to prevent infections and make your place germ free.

Why Count On Us For Your Wildlife Removal Needs?

Removing wildlife such as raccoon, skunk and squirrel from your premises can be a daunting task. You need professional exterminators to perform the task efficiently. This is why Niagara Extermination is here with its animal removal services.

In recent years, we have observed various amateur companies claiming to be the leaders of wildlife control industry. Unfortunately, these companies lack the required techniques and experience to perform humane wildlife removal jobs. Wildlife control is not everyone's cup of tea, it requires extensive and in-depth knowledge.

Our staff is fully equipped with in-depth training and equipments required to provide the best and reliable solutions.

  • Timely and professional customer support

  • Experienced, qualified and licensed technicians

  • Free follow-up and inspection

  • Honest and fair pricing

  • Widest range of wildlife removal solutions

  • Proudly serving in St Catharines, Niagara falls, Welland and Grimsby

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